The 2016 MPA Forum was held in Port Elizabeth at the end of October and the event was attended by a cross section of representatives from the various role players and stakeholders in the SA MPA sector. Presenters shared information that was relevant to SA MPA’s and there were a few presentations that highlighted areas of research and management that SA MPA’s can be more aware of when updating their management plans and research objectives in the future. Dr Steve Kirkman presented the Forum with a plan to initiate a project that will establish a set of national MPA objectives and targets for each MPA and this was work shopped on the last day. This project is a work in progress and we will keep all Forum members updated as the project progresses. The Forum achieved its target of creating a platform for all MPA role players to;

  • Network and exchange ideas and issues with colleagues in the sector
  • Create a platform where all stakeholders in the sector can engage and build relationships through communication
  • Increase capacity within MPA’s and the MPA sector through knowledge sharing and dialogue
  • Provide the MPA sector the opportunity to identify and list areas of concern where the MPA Forum can assist and complete these issues through a work plan that can be reported back on at the next Forum.

The Forum would like to thank all delegates who attended and we encourage those in the sector who did not attend the Forum to please browse through the various presentations and share it with your MPA staff and other role players in the interest of increasing staff capacity and general marine knowledge.