2018 MPA Forum has been postponed till further notice

Please email Robin Adams should you wish to be notified when arrangements are finalised
Contact: Radams@wwf.org.za

Annual Forum

The MPA Forum holds an annual networking event that brings together over 100 MPA stakeholders from around the country for 3 days to share knowledge and collaborate around improving current MPA management. The event is organized by the SA MPA Forum Secretariat with funding supplied by the Department of Environmental Affairs Oceans and Coast (DEA O&C) and is traditionally held at a different SA coastal venue each year.

MPA Forum Minutes

The MPA Forum is held each year and it is an annual event that has occurred since 2007. It is always presented at a venue close to an MPA with all proceedings recorded in the form of minutes and presentations. Click here.

METT Report

The Management Evaluation and Tracking Tool is a process that is undertaken every three years in collaboration with MPA managers and their agencies. It involves the WWF visiting each MPA and consulting with the manager to work through a process that assesses SA MPAs against a set of aims. From this process we are able to highlight if an MPA is receiving all the necessary support and functioning optimally. This aspect will be highlighted and a possible solution noted in the METT for further attention by DEA and the Management Authority.