The South African MPA Forum Secretariat is currently made up of one contract staff member, Mr Robin Jon Adams, and forms part of the WWF SA Marine team based in Cape Town, South Africa. Robin is employed as the SA MPA Forum Coordinator and will coordinate the future growth of the MPA Forum Secretariat. The Secretariat is managing five projects for the 2016/2017 period and on the website project we have two volunteers who committed to completing this project to the stage it’s at now being live. The two volunteers are digital designer, Ms Marli Ritter, and copy editor, Ms Nadia Krige. They have dedicated their time and expertise in assisting us in delivering a product that the SA MPA sector will now use as a resource tool and create a platform that can be used to improve communication among all role players in the sector.

Mr Robin Jon Adams

SA MPA Forum Coordinator

Ms Marli Ritter

Digital Designer

Ms Nadia Krige

Copy Editor