The Sardinia Bay MPA is situated along the coast to the west of Port Elizabeth, between Schoenmakerskop and SeaView. . It is adjacent to the Sardinia Bay Nature Reserve, which is 7 km long with rocky and sandy shores that extend one nautical mile (1, 852 Km) out to sea. The shores include sub tidal rocky reefs and sandy benthos. There is no coastal road that runs along the beach and very little to no seaside development.

Sardinia Bay has one of the best walking beaches in Port Elizabeth and The MPA is a no-take area, with no fishing allowed between the beacon near Schoenmakerskop and the beacon at Bushy Park.

Other than the fishing regulations, the MPA has no specific laws or by-laws for boating and diving.

Managed by:
Nelson Mandela Metro

MPA established date:

Length of coastline protected:
7 km

Area of ocean protected:
12,91 km²


Managed by:
Nelson Mandela Metro

Contact details for MPA office:
Contact person: Mr Godfrey Murrel
Phone: 041 584 0584/041 506 1423
Email: gmurrel@mandelametro.gov.za