Rocherpan is located on the west coast of South Africa, on the Atlantic Ocean. Stretching just 3km along the beach and 500m out to sea, it is a very small MPA, located adjacent to the Rocherpan Nature Reserve.  It provides protection for many diverse marine habitats and species along its sandy shores.

The nature reserve and MPA are managed by CapeNature.

Managed by:

MPA established date:

Length of coastline protected:
3 km

Area of ocean protected:
1,5 km²


  • To conserve and maintain important marine, coastal, wetland and terrestrial habitats of Rocherpan Reserve Complex
  • To encourage sustainable visitor access and provide overnight accommodation for a limited number of guests within the existing tourism footprint

Managed by:

Contact details for MPA office:
Contact person: Mr Callum Beattie
Phone: 079 203 1092 / 082 336 5936